Saturday, 8 June 2013

Moments of hostel life | Hostel life


 My name is kaharian. I am studying now in 1st year. But for last three years i was staying in hostel of cadet college kallar kahar. Kallar kahar is one of the best historical place and also it is a very good place for tourists. The college was just amazing because it was all rounded by the four sided  and high mountains.The scene from the college was simply breathtaking. 

Now i come to my hostel life. I joined the college on 18th of April 2009. I was very happy that i had got the admission in cckk. But Alas ! I was not knowing that how much difficult it will be. However the first day when my parents left me there I was just very sad and also weeping . Then the time passed and I got some intimate friends. I have already written a post that WHAT IS FRIENDSHIP.
 As soon as i have some of my friends we soon started to enjoy a lot. We used to have some fun with our teachers. Hostel was very boring. Because there was the system of seniors and juniors. And i was in the junior class 8th. The students of the 2nd year were appointed over us. They were very strict and we were unable to do anything in the hostel. As soon as they left the hostel due to their annual exams we enjoyed a lot . 

Then our hostels were changed at the end of the year. Some friends went to different hostels and it was again very boring moments.
 The next day when we met in the class we were very happy. So time passed and the moment come when we were leaving to our homes after passing our matriculation. But before the papers. 

We  enjoyed a lot because now we were also seniors and we all do those things which we have never do in the last three years.But the day we left we were very sad. When i stay in college i used to say that the hostel life is very bored but know i am missing those mischief's and joyful moments with my friends . I love my friends .
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