Friday, 7 June 2013

What is Friendship

           TRUE FRIENDSHIP NEVER DIES                      

I am writing this post because i have lost my most of the friends. I was studying in the college and i have many friends. According to my thoughts life is much bored without friends. may be my English would be wrong to some extent. Sorry for this in advance. Friends are your true strength. I remember that, As i live in hostel, i was so much bored. My friends just used to come to me and they always change my mood from sadness to happiness. Hostel life is too boring because we have to learn and follow all the rules and regulations of the hostel. But the one thing I would say that  we enjoy a lot there. The college was in between the high mountains and we also do some hiking. Making fun of some friends is also good. But still I love my friends.
Its about two months have gone and we have not met. But it seems that we have not met for many years. I regularly talk to all of friends and really we miss each other a lot. Those three year were the best era of my life and I would never forget those moments. And the day we were going back to our homes, Our whole badge was very very sad that may be we would be able to met again. But now i know that what the true friendship means. They help in each and every moments.  They make you happy when you are very sad and bored. I would say that never forget friends. This is a snapshot when we were playing volleyball in the college.

We also enjoyed a lot when were sitting in class. Teachers were just like our friends but we also respect them. Mobiles were not allowed in class but still you can see

So i advice all of my readers not to forget your friends. Here is my pic sitting in my home in between a small piece of garden.

Hope you enjoy the post...... please give some comments.

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