Sunday, 9 June 2013

Who is mother ?


Mother is that personality in our lives who loves us much more after ALLAH. Mother gives the birth to the baby and she takes care of her baby with great care and affection. I have really great love for mother. Mother gives us relief in our every part of life. Whenever we are in some trouble, she takes us in her arms and we are just in peace. 

Take any example of your life . When you was weeping in your childhood that i would not go for school and she argue with your father that its OK ! He/She will go tomorrow. When you broke a glass or any any  expensive frame of your house she did not said any thing to you because mother is unable to see her baby crying or weeping.                                  

Please pay respect to your mothers and if you would give trouble to your mother then you could not be able to gain success in your life. Pray for your mothers, Serve them as they serve you in their childhood.