Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mathira discusses her Condom Ad in a Ramzan morning show

A controversial super model of Pakistan Mathira had recently made the headlines of all the news channels for discussing about her Condom ad and also some other vulgar talk. Are these people Muslims who are just exposing themselves to get the popularity among the world . 

She was called as a guest in the morning show of Nida Hassan on ARY digital. I am pretty sad that no importance is being given to the holy month of Ramadan and a month of Allah blessings. Why are such things being done in this month. Are these TV channels are being runned up by the non-Muslims. The question of the hour is that these shows must be banned in Pakistan. As they are not being a source of information and enjoyment . These shows are now becoming like vulgar talks and just talking about the bad fashion. 
I would request all of you on my behalf that please share it as more as you can and please don not see such channels and their shows. I am not going to watch Ary Digital anymore after making the post. Will upload the video soon.... Till then take care . bye 

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