Thursday, 1 August 2013

3 month baby Killed and Burried at home by parents

A very sad case coming again from Karachi where parents killed their daughter during chilla . the case happened in the Karachi  korangi no. 6 . Parents were also planning to kill their second daughter but with the help of peoples living in that area they saved that girl.

According to police, parents started to perform chilla and during this , they killed their daughter and buried her.

The father told that he saw a dream in which he was asked to kill her two daughters so he killed her. But due to smell of little and innocent body of that baby girl, the people of that area informed police . The police raided at house and arrested Nadeem who was preparing himself to kill her second daughter. Police is investigating the whole matter. 

Father and Mother is such a relationship that loves their children more than their life. They can even sacrifice themselves for children. Why have Nadeem killed her daughter ?? Because they will not have enough money to give some meal to their children.

 I am not sure but as far as my mind says that it was only due to poverty. They were unable to meet the requirements, not big, even not small requirements so they killed them. I am really sad on this case. 
May Allah kept her soul in peace and heaven. Also may Allah give his father the right way to live life. If a man lose hope he will not be able to do any thing. We must keep our hopes alive. Because we live on hopes. Nothing more to say. You can see the pic of parents.

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