Sunday, 4 August 2013

Heavy rains in Pakistan during Ramadan takes the life of minimum 34 people | Rain in Pakistan and its effects

Rain in Pakistan and its effects

The rainy season had come all round the Pakistan in no time because only a few days back all the people were praying to Allah for rain and now when the rain had come some areas are being affected continuously by it. 

It was said by Qamar masood , The secretary information of Baluchistan,  that 7 people were killed in different parts of the province. The rain paid a great damage to Jhal Magsi, Hub, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, Sibi, Bolan, and other parts of the province and several houses were collapsed during this rain. 

5 men were killed when the wall of factory collapsed and also taking away the lives of three children in these 5 people. Pakistan has a major problem of road accidents due to "No obeying " of traffic rules and even the roads were slippery so some people lost their lives in this way. It was reported that 8 people were killed in Karachi and many were injured. Same incidents took place in swat. Swat is a hilly area and roads even are more dangerous which claims the lives of many people. 

Police and rescue officials reported that 3 people were killed due to electrocution in Paposh Nagar and Liaquatabad areas while one was also killed in model colony. 

Now we come to other effects of the rain . Most of low-lying areas of Pakistan are being affected through rain for many years. The government never took any step to overcome these difficulties . The people of these areas migrate every year from their homes and then they settle anywhere in the city . They loss their jobs, houses and much more including Lands. Rain is the great blessing of Allah. It is our duty that how we should manage the increase in water and save lives of poor people. 

It is still raining in my village. The weather is quite beautiful. I am just loving it. Rain comes down and we people are very happy because it was too hot if we look at few days back but now it is quite good and enjoyable. 

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