Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hot summer, Rain and Holy Ramadan in Pakistan

Hot summer, Rain and Holy Ramadan in Pakistan

Before the start of Ramadan all people of Pakistan were saying that it is too hot summer and no rain these days also. So when Ramadan started  it was hot but it also rain in between this month. But still the weather was very hot. Muslims in Pakistan had to keep a 17 hours fast approximately which is in fact a long long fast.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) said that " I like to fast in summer and also like to offer prayers in winter" . 

The words of Hazrat Ali were golden. Ramadan, a month of Allah blessings. It is quite different than all other months. People awake at 3 am in morning and then eat " Sheri "and then some people also drink a lot of water to prevent themselves from thirst but it had to come. Then Women do their work of homes quickly before the sunrises. Muslims also read Quran pak during Ramadan at daily basis. 

The mosques in this month are full of people and every one stands before Allah to get His blessings and also pray to Allah to forgive his sins. 

At the time of " Aftar " there is another look. The dining table is all round filled with  different types of dishes. It includes Channa chat, Fruit chat, Pakory, and many more delicious dishes. At night Traveeh are also read and people then came to home to sleep. 

Now this time Ramadan came in the month of July and August in which there is much hot summer. Some people also get ill due to fasting. But Allah is kind of all kinds.Allah has blessed people of Pakistan with good weather now and people are really enjoying this weather. Little cute child are also fasting to maker their debut . I really like Ramadan because in this month the Holy Quran was blessed to Muslims and in the same month ,Pakistan also came to the map of world as an Independent Muslim State.

I am really sad, in fact not only me, all the Muslims are sad because Month of Holy blessings of Allah is going to end. It is already 24th of Ramadan today. I pray to Allah that ALLAH please forgive our sins . Please take us to the right path. We have done so many sins but Please be kind on us. Allah ! Help the whole world in good deeds. Allah bless Muslims. 

If you like my post please give some comment. It is dedicated to Muslims that are living outside Pakistan. Miss you my brothers and sisters. Come soon to Pakistan. Pakistan is waiting for you. 

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